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Accra GX Blue 100 Series

Accra GX Blue 100 Series

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The 100 series is engineered to promote a higher initial launch and is, generally available, in lighter weights to promote speed and distance. The benefit of this profile is not limited to those with slower swing speeds, every level of golfer may benefit from the profile of this design. Look no further than the Professional Long Drive circuit, where a number of the world’s longest drivers, trust the ACCRA GX 140 M0.

The GX 100 Series is also now available in a “Tour” flex for an amazing combination of speed and stability and is easily recognizable due to its iridescent blue paint that sparkles in the sunlight.

Once fit into a GX driver shaft look for “DyMatched “ options in both fairway woods and hybrids to ensure that you receive the benefits of a perfectly matched set of woods/hybrids that are optimized for weight, launch conditions and feel.

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