Fujikura Pro 63, 73, 83 Tour Spec
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Fujikura Pro 53, 63, 73 Tour Spec 

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Fujikura Pro Series Tour Spec 73 Graphite Wood Shaft


Pro Designed by Fujikura Engineers to maximize the energy transfer from the golfer to the club head at impact, this shaft will help you play like a PRO. Through the use of ENSO®, each shaft within this series offers something different depending on your swing type. The Pro 53, 63, and 73 are designed for the golfer looking for a mid-launch and low spin, and the Pro 73 Tour Spec is designed for...


  • Item #: Fuji 73 TS
  • Manufacturer: Fujikura

Fujikura Pro 63, 73, 83 Tour Spec

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